Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Benazir killed ....Do we see chickens coming home to roost?

Benazir killed ....
Do we see chickens coming home to roost?

By: Salman Nizami

The monster of suicide bombing, once endorsed by our merchants of faith as the shortest route to paradise, is now heading home to have his day. Charsada mosque leaves nothing unsaid. Liyaqat Bagh completes the story. Fifty human bodies sliced to death on the day when joy visits our homes. It was the day of slaughtering sheep they thought, not knowing they will have to be slaughtered first. There was more in store just a few days after when Benazir was blown off to the constituency of no return. What happened in Pakistan on Eid and the week to follow makes beasts hang their heads in shame. What it does to humans is beyond description. Once again we face the same question of infusing violence into a society and expecting it to be used for a ‘just cause’. Killing one Aftab Sherpav or one Benazir Bhutto means having a hundred more massacred. Does not matter as long as weapons are used to establish the law of God on the land of God.
Benazir Bhutto is no more. Those who saw in her the proxy of George Bush in Pakistan did not rest before seeing her off. Differences apart, one would have loved to see her lose in the elections, not to die like the way she did. Benazir’ initiative to marshal her men against anti-American force desperate enough to flow oceans of blood was cut short. But what next? Where is Pakistan heading to? Or where does this state excised out of a bigger continent as separate homeland for Muslims find itself. If killing is the only campaign you can launch against your adversary, then the only way to serve a nation is to prepare a list of those who deserve to die and mark them off one by one. Does the solution lie in physically eliminating all individuals and demolishing all institutions. Then the only target we can successfully achieve is destruction. No doubt what is happening right now is an expected outcome of the policies once adopted. The people against whom Pakistan as state is engaged in fighting alongwith America are no aliens descended from Mars or Jupiter but the denizens of the same land. They are the same people you once pampered, patronized and pushed along to further your own political ambitions. The terror State used against them, they are using back against the State. Are we reading the post script of the blood-chilling stories with Pak forces and American Army together crushing tribals in the frontier. Is this Waziristan taking on Pakistan? Is it profit of the mill spent on the mill? Then it was the story of their bravery making rounds, now the saga of barbarity is the theme of the music we all face today. The same bomber who is ready to blow himself off after killing you, yesterday was prepared to do the same after having your projected enemy wiped off. The results were same. Blood then, blood now. Only the targets change, methods are same. Imagine they are allowed to hold the reigns, what will become of the world they rule. All these endevours are aimed at replacing oppression with chaos and the latter can prove worse than the former. Whether it’s an aggressive ambition or her accepting the challenge to fight these frenetic elements which proved too dear to bear for Benazir is a question of different tenor. The matter that bothers at present is that of survival. If you want to impose justice through bloodshed, a silent injustice is a better option. At least there is some space for you to make your voice heard. This way the only voice you hear is the boom of a bullet which knows only to silence you. It may be a plain naiveté to call Benazir’s killing a mark of commitment to democracy and a sacrifice to restore freedom to a freedom-choked Pakistan. Of course it needs courage to accept the risk involved in regaining a lost throne, but pairing it with values like dedication and selflessness may be too unrealistic a statement. Death is a human tragedy whatever the politics involved, but history is too merciless to be influenced by the fragility of emotions. The woman who risked her life and knew the danger her comeback was fraught with, finally paid the price the other group had fixed for an adventure like this. May her soul rest in peace. Aameen. If today Benazir Bhutto’s killing is flaunted as triumph, tomorrow Musharraf will be a bigger bet and then Nawaz and then ——. The land of the pure will be turned into a bay of blood, a churchyard where if you want to be at peace, you must die.

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