Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Attack on students

We need to learn something from US universities


In just over a week three students have been attacked in two different educational institutes of Jammu, beating two Junior students, and one Jammu university Scholar at his hostel room. I have lived for 3 years in a University campus , where attacks are not uncommon. A person who has never seen a campus attack cannot possibly imagine how terrible it is. Though developed cities spend relatively more money to pre-empt such attack, none can claim that its campuses are hundred percent safe. That however should not deter local government / administration from trying to reach a consensus on how to ensure campus safety. In the University Counsellors associated with some student’s organization normally, help disturbed students solve their problems. And in case of an attack, they help shocked students overcome their trauma. In Jammu University five men, all of them outsiders have attacked a scholar in the hostel premises. Why? Is there something wrong in our society? No matter how deep-rooted the reasons are, such brutal attacks can only be seen as revenge against society. The authorities should detect the loopholes to ensure campus safety. Frankly speaking, I don't think any institute alone can prevent such attacks. So, what should we do? First, all institutes need more strict regulations to prevent outsiders from entering campuses or even come near them. Second, students and teachers, and especially parents need to obey the regulations. Third, students and teachers need to be trained to cope with such attacks. The emergency drills should be similar to those for fires and earthquakes. I think we can learn something from the US experience in this respect. Based on the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, the US Department of Education helps all Institutes to formulate security regulations and inform students, parents, teachers and all other related people of the security issues and their respective responsibilities. The department supplies printed documents, video lessons and online materials to educate the people on how to prevent, respond to and report campus violence.
It requires all school employees, including bus drivers and teachers, to obtain security clearance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). And one of its high priorities is to ensure that the act is enforced in all Institutes. The regulations formulated and implemented in a school may differ from that of another because security issues call for a lot of money and time. Students have to pass a security channel - similar to passing the security gauntlet at airports - to enter certain schools. At many day-care centers parents or guardians need to sign in while dropping their children there. Similarly, they have to sign out when they pick up their children. This process avoids disputes over responsibilities in case a security threat arises.

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